On Friday evening, we made our annual Autumn Garden Soup. It takes at least an hour to make this soup because we always make a huge batch (2 large soup pans full) and the process involves a great deal of veggie chop-chopping. The recipe calls for seasonal vegetables like turnips and parsnips, which give it a very rich hearty flavor.

Snapshot of 3 months

I just realized we haven’t posted anything on vanderkwaak.com for almost 3 months.  Yikes! Time flies.  I see too, that others in the family are in the same pattern of ”no posting on vdk.com” that we’ve been in. In a strange way, I’m comforted to know we’re not the only ones.   So what have we been up to since […]

Nice, but OUCH!


We had supper with Michael and Amanda and little Michael tonight. They are doing well, and send their greetings to the rest of the family. Afterwards, Michael showed us his new tatoo:

Our hosts: Nick and Jess with Denali. Denali loved playing with Emma, Claire, Eden, Levi and Harper. At times, he seemed to forget he was a dog!

In Love with Colorado

We arrived safely back to Des Moines yesterday after spending the last 10 days in Colorado, one of our favorite states.  Although we expected this morning’s run in Des Moines to be easier without the higher altitudes of Colorado, it was every bit as challenging to extract enough oxygen from the thick sauna-like Iowa air! The humidity must have been close to […]