Triple-Dip Evening in Des Moines

We triple-dipped last evening. We had planned to  do the sequence with friends, Bill and Susan, but as it turns out, they were unable to join us. So, it was just the two of us, and still very fun.

First, we headed downtown for burgers at Zombie’s.  Eddye had introduced us to this restaurant earlier this week (like two nights ago) and we were so smitten that we just HAD to return. The burgers are SOOOOOOO good! It was busy there as always, with people of all ages and many dressed as zombies.

After Zombies, we headed over to the Drake Stadium where the Reggie Sleepout was taking place. Since Eddye has been involved with the Iowa Aftercare Program, she worked with the staff at Iowa Homeless Youth Center to create a “house” for the Reggie Sleepout.

Here's the "house" that Eddye and the Iowa Homeless Youth Center staff created.


The house that Iowa Homeless Youth Center created won "best overall design" at the sleepout. As the night went on, it got colder and colder.


Eddye and Darcy (an Advocate at IHYC) re-enacting the Reggie Sleepout theme of "sleeping under the stars to help youth reach for the stars".


ABC Channel 5 WOI-TV came out to do a story, and Eddye got an interview which aired on the news last night:

Eddye\’s video

We left all the campers shortly before 8PM, and headed down to Gray’s Lake, where two of our running friends were participating in The Equalizer 12 hour event. Beth and Dennis started looping Gray’s Lake at 8AM Saturday AM, and were to finish looping at 8PM last night. We got there in time to cheer them on to the finish. Beth won overall, by completing 63.62 actual miles, which translates to 76.87 equalized miles. Dennis placed third by completing 62.71 actual miles, or 68.92 equalized miles. They were SOOOO tired by the end, but feeling so accomplished. This is one event that both Lloyd and I have absolutely no interest in doing! We  much prefer to watch and cheer, which we did several times throughout the day.


We dropped by Gray's Lake mid-afternoon and watched Dennis eat the french-fries he was craving. We watched the joy in his face as he came around the loop to find a co-worker waiting with the fries.


Beth and Dennis just after finishing their 12 hour run.

 After leaving Gray’s Lake, we drove home to watch the evening news. However, there was a college football game on Channel 5, which went into THREE overtimes! The news didn’t come on until 11:20PM. That’s LATE for us!  Nice ending though, to our triple-dip evening.


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  1. Wow guys!! busy busy.. Sounds like DSM is active.. see you in a few days

  2. Your painting is beuftiual, Gene and I will go over to see what Vickie did with it in translation in a minute.Believe it or not, I first learned to sew age 11 or 12 making Barbie doll clothes. I got one late in life compared to other girls but I guess cutting off sock cuffs and making spaghetti straps out of several thickness of thread convinced my mom I was ready for the big time. LOL. It was a wonder I ever sewed again—all those itty bitty pieces!Well done, you! I think that striped fabric that you used MAY be what I used for binding on a recent Christmas quilt though I cut mine on the bias?? (Old Michael Miller piece I found at Wilson’s in Boaz)

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