Full Weekend

Sunburst Marathon on Saturday AM in South Bend Indiana. SOOOOOOO hot, SOOOOO humid and quite unbearable! Although we felt like quitting many times, we didn’t.  Lloyd and I ran together until mile 22, at which point we decided our strategies for coping with the heat were quite different. I needed a slow steady slog, and Lloyd needed some sort of jog/walk tango.  We both wanted to finish and we both eventually did. Within a few moments of finding eachother at the finish chute, the marathon was “black-flagged”(course closed) because of the heat index. We felt so sorry for all the runners that hadn’t yet crossed the finish line! All that suffering for “nothing”! It didn’t take us long to resolve never ever again to run a summer marathon.

Two hours after showering, we were in Grand Rapids MI for the rest of the weekend. This experience totally made up for South Bend! Nice!

Eden, Marley, Emma and Claire came to our apartment for several hours on Sunday afternoon for crafts, stories, and snacks (cinnamon rolls, fruit juice boxes and candy bracelets)

Levi and Harper stayed back with their parents while the four little girls spent time with us. In a year or two, the boys will be old enough to enjoy apartment time too.

A typical driveway scene at Kristin and Curt's where we all spent most of our time.

On Monday AM, we watched Reuben&Heidi, Eden&Harper take off on the rest of their bike trip. What a treat to see them in GR!

Great weekend!

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