I’m really bummed on behalf of my Pine Rest clinical supervisor, and friend, Cal Muezelaar, who has been in process of biking from West to East coast USA to raise funds for Pine Rest. It has been a life-long dream of Cal’s to do a trans-America bike ride. Well, I just heard several hours ago, that Cal had a biking accident in Wyoming, several weeks into his trek. He is currently in a hospital there, with a few broken ribs, broken clavical and shoulder injuries. He does not remember anything about the accident. When he is released from the hospital, he and his wife, Mary (who has been his primary support with pop-up tent camper) are planning to return to Pella, where they live. Bummer. You can check his blog by cutting and pasting this address into your brouwser. I tried to make a hot-link for you, but couldn’t figure it out…………..


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