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Establishment of ritual has always been important to us. Approximately 25 years ago, when our family was very young, we established the tradition of the Advent Log. Lloyd drilled 28 holes in a 2×8 piece of wood, and we secured a candle in each of these 28 holes. At the beginning of Advent, 28 days […]

A few pics to share

Here are Emma and Claire playing “Nana and Papa” this past weekend, at our Richard Terrace GR apartment. Very very cute. We are wondering what it will be like when Eden and Marley join them in this playful game:) Here is Lloyd with Claire. She has been a Papa’s girl for almost two years now. […]

Best ever finish line crossing

If you want to check out some photos of the October 19th Grand Rapids Marathon, try the links below. This Marathon was particularly memorable for us, because we ran a portion of it (first 8 miles) with Kristin and Curt who ran the Half-Marathon, and because our kids/grandkids were waiting to cheer us at the […]